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Winery Tours – Red – White – and ICE!

Are you a wine-o, a Sommelier, or just looking for a fun, interactive way to explore Northern Michigan? Then you must participate in a wine tour! Whether you’re touring the wineries by self-exploration,  taking the back roads and uncovering a new exciting place, or taking advantage of an official wine tour, you won’t be disappointed with your trip. As you cruise up and down the hills along the Lake Michigan coastline, you’ll be astonished such a landscape is possible. Each location offers a different atmosphere and style. Belly up to the bar and begin to enlighten your taste buds with the nectar of the gods.

I would suggest planning your trip in the fall when nature paints the trees on the hillsides with displays of reds, yellows, and oranges. The temperature is cool enough for a light jacket, but warm enough to sip your beverage outdoors without getting too chilly. The sun sets a little earlier, and the smells are a bit more fresh. Stroll along the grapevines while sipping your wine, taking in all the smells that a bottle of wine can not offer. You will laugh a little harder and smile a little longer while you are here.

Be bold! Try something new in Northern Michigan. We are known for the grapes of the 45th parallel where the Masoctos and Chardonnays are one of a kind. The fruit from these white grapes delivers a full bold taste while staying crisp and clean. The red wines are smooth sometimes with a hint of some spice. Many mixtures of fruit, some with the famous fruit of Michigan, CHERRIES!

But what you must try are the ice wines. These small packaged, expensive, dessert wines will knock your socks off! The grapes are frozen on the vine and then pressed to deliver the most saturated, sweetest flavor possible. One sip and it will be a matter of minutes before you are walking out with a bottle in your hand.

So plan the trip you’ve been dreaming of and go to the North! Bear Lake Bed and breakfast will fill you up with a satisfying breakfast to fuel your many adventures of the day!

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